Queensland State Budget 2019-20

The Queensland State Budget was handed down on 11 June 2019. 

We have outlined below some of the changes that will affect Queensland businesses.

Payroll tax


The following changes are proposed for payroll tax:


  • The payroll tax tax-free threshold will increase from $1.1 million to $1.3 million.  This means that approximately 1,500 businesses will no longer have to pay payroll tax.


  • The payroll tax rate for businesses with payroll up to $6.5 million will remain at 4.75%.


  • The payroll tax rate for businesses with payroll above $6.5 million will increase to 4.95% (up 0.2%).


  • There is a payroll tax discount of 1% for regional businesses (that is, businesses with a registered business address in a regional area and where 85% of taxable wages are paid to employees who reside in regional Queensland).


  • A rebate of payroll tax of up to $20,000 is also available to employers who have a net growth in full-time employees over a year.


  • The budget also provided two more years of the Apprentice and Trainee payroll tax rebate (which is paid at 50% of the apprentice and trainee wages).


Land tax


From 30 June 2019, land tax rates will increase as follows:


  • for companies and trusts with landholdings of more than $5 million but less than $10 million – the rate increases to 2.25%


  • for companies and trusts with landholdings of more than $10 million – the rate increases to 2.75%.


Australian citizens and permanent residents living overseas will now be assessed as resident individuals from 30 June 2019 (so they will benefit from the higher tax-free threshold and lower rates of land tax that apply to resident individuals).


The absentee surcharge will increase to 2%.  This applies to foreign individuals who own land and do not ordinarily reside in Australia (except for Australian citizens and permanent residents).


From 30 June 2019, a new land tax foreign surcharge of 2% will apply to foreign companies and trustees of foreign trusts that own land.  The surcharge will apply to the portion of the taxable value of the land that is over $350,000.

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