Paying ATO liabilities

When dealing with taxpayers and their outstanding liabilities, the ATO have announced that they will be tailoring their communication based on the taxpayer’s previous behaviour and choices. 

The ATO will be using data about the taxpayer’s previous behaviour, obligations and risk profile to tailor how they respond to the late payment.  This will mean:

* The first notification you receive may be different than before;

* The ATO may contact you in different ways, including by letter and phone.  If you have linked your myGov account to the ATO, letters will be sent to your myGov Inbox;

* The ATO may take appropriate action after only eight days.If you are having trouble paying your ATO liabilities, please contact us immediately.  It is important that we communicate with the ATO to ensure no further action is taken.

Xavier Quenon from Go Mortgage (based in Helensvale) recently wrote an article recently about the impact of ATO debt on borrowing capacity.  You can access the article here.


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